2016 PR Industry Growth 4.8%, Down From 6.6% in 2015 and 7.8% in 2014

NEW YORK, August 16, 2017 — The U.S. PR industry grew by just 4.8%, according to a survey released today by Gould+Partners, the merger and management consulting firm specializing in the PR field. The results of this survey were consistent with the results of the annual Best Practices Benchmarking report released in June, showing that …read more

Brain Training for Better PR Writing 

Influencer marketing. Gamification. Online video. The list of relatively new PR channels goes on and on, with little room for PR firm owners to catch their breath before they have to consider the next investment. Even the most seasoned PR executives—who possess total recall and a photographic memory—may be hard-pressed to keep up with all …read more

Peel the Layers to Locate New Niches

It’s an occupational hazard for PR firm owners looking for an edge with clients and prospects: the commoditization of marketing communications. Killer creative is all well and good, but it’s not hard to find. In a hypercompetitive marketplace, clients not only want effective marketing campaigns with solid returns. They want PR firm owners to make …read more

PR Agency Spotlight: ‘Pick up the Phone!’

PR Agency Spotlight:  Kris Ruby, CEO, Ruby Media Group Pick up The Phone! Why Savvy Millennial Firm Owners  Need to Adopt Soft Business Skills to Stay Competitive  (In this new column, we focus on C-level millennials/ firm owners and how they’re starting to impact the creative services field.)  Millennials are quickly climbing the management ranks throughout the PR …read more

Gould+Partners Billing Rates/Utilization Report Cause for Concern

NEW YORK, NY, July 6, 2017—North American PR agencies and firms did not increase their hourly rates in 2016, according to a new report released by Gould+Partners, the management consulting firm specializing in PR and PR M&A. The outlook for hourly rates should be cause for concern among PR firm owners grappling with boosting profitability and increasing valuation, …read more

Kraus: 3 Tips for PR Firms That Want to Promote Women, Spur Diversity

When Margery Kraus founded APCO Worldwide in 1984, women didn’t predominate the PR sector—as they do these days—so there was little to no chatter throughout the industry about why it’s important to promote female PR execs to the C-suite. “I had to fight in a different way when I built my own firm because everybody …read more

India PR Market Beginning to Bloom

The India PR market continues to draw interest among U.S. firms with an eye on future growth and global expansion. Late last year, for example, Dentsu Aegis Network bought India-based Perfect Relations for an undisclosed price, while WE Communications, is currently in acquisition talks with Indian PR consultancy Avian Media, according to the Holmes Report. At the same time, …read more

Opportunities Abound for Asian PR Market

Is it the dawn of the Asian century? The notion is debatable among global economists and civilians alike. But there’s little doubt that countries throughout Asia are rapidly increasing their economic, business and cultural clout. At the same time, marketers throughout Asia are facing some serious headwinds when it comes to bracing their companies for …read more

G+P Benchmarking Survey: PR Agency Profitability Flat in 2016

U.S. PR agency profitability was 15.2 percent of net revenues, according to PR professionals responding to the annual Benchmarking survey conducted by Gould+Partners. A total of 101 prominent agencies—based throughout the United States and Canada—reported an average profit of 15.2 percent in 2016. That’s compared to 15.3 percent in 2015, 16.2 percent in 2014 and …read more

Gould Featured in ‘Future of PR’ Video

We continue to push online video content as a major priority for PR firms looking to grow their profitability and expand their clientele. When you consider the growing impact of online video content it’s little wonder that visual communications is starting to command both more budget and creative thinking among PR shops. Online video content, …read more